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Longton Light Alloys is a family owned independent medium sized aluminium and non-ferrous foundry having been established since 1975. We have during this time seen a steady growth in business which we believe is due to our friendly and efficient service, coupled with pride in our products and our positive and forward thinking approach to achieving the highest quality of castings.

Our range of production is extensive from small low weight castings to large castings weighing up to 2 tonnes, it encompasses traditional manufacturing methods such as Green Sand to the more modern Resin Set Sands and Gravity Dies Casting which enables us to offer one off prototype to higher volumes of production.

We are one of the few aluminium foundries that will product castings with stainless steel cooling tubes for keeping vacuum forming tools at a constant temperature.

Longton Light Alloys is a BS EN ISO 9001:2008 registered company and all our Aluminium and Copper Based Castings are fully traceable. When finishing is required on our Aluminium Castings then we only use approved suppliers, our Aluminium Castings are only treated in accordance with our quality assurance certification certified by BSI.

Supplying Aluminium Castings and Bronze Castings

Supplying Aluminium Castings, Bronze Castings and Zinc Castings to

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Marine
  • Rail
  • Architectural
  • Films and Movies
  • Sculptural
  • Food & Chemical industries
  • Oil and Gas Industry
We can offer you a most comprehensive service for the supply of your castings including :

- Advice and assistance on material specification
- Advice and supply of applicable tooling
- Full heat treatment facilities
- Advise on the type of moulding process most suitable to your   application

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For aluminium castings, bronze castings or zinc castings please contact us and ask to speak to Martyn or David on 01782 536615